Spring 2023 and places to visit in Nepal

Spring 2023 and places to visit in Nepal

The winter is close to the end and so is the coldness that has been freezing our lives and freedom to travel for more than 2 years now. The beginning of spring 2023 is the hope of the warm and colorful blooming of the decaying travel and tourism industry and the cherishing recommencing of our lives. Finally, after the span of 2 years full of fear, frustration, and fury about the Coronavirus and its variants where only the hopefulness towards the better days has been our motivation, the eagerness, and patience have finally come to an end.

Now not only the Rhododendron flower will bloom and the scent of new herbs and vegetation will lure, not only the dark clouds will disappear and open up a clear blues sky, but not only the chilly cold will be defeated by the warmth. But also, the everlasting wishes of travel enthusiasts to see them blooming will come true, and the exiled lives of travel lovers will get the freedom to travel the world again, the doors that were compelled to shut will open up again and will be welcoming the guests to get inside and explore the treasure. Finally, Nepal is getting back to what Nepal always has been and always should be and of course, Nepal was, Nepal is and Nepal will always be a piece of heaven on earth.

Likewise, even the devastating pandemic did something good to Nepal. In a sense that the natural beauty has been much more enhanced and untouched with the bare flow of visitors along the trails. Hence, the ones who would be able to step into the enriched nature of Nepal’s trekking trails this Spring of 2023 are obviously going to be the luckiest travelers of the decades. But where to travel this spring for the best experience of nature, culture, and adventure in Nepal?

Though Nepal is a geographically small nation that is often hard to get spotted on the world map, it is way too gigantic to explore in one lifetime. Dozens of mountains, uncountable rivers and streams, limitless forests and the flora and fauna, and a variety of ethnic groups with diverse language, culture, food, and attire that exists in this small territory amazes any tourists and is enough to sacrifice a lifetime discovering them.

Hence, which places in Nepal and which trekking/tour packages would be the best travel destinations for spring 2023?

Here are some of our highly recommended trekking and tour packages that would be a great choice for travelers to explore Nepal in the 2023 post-covid holidays:

These are just some recommendations based on weather and nature that favor the best experience. The list still misses some of the best places to be explored. For more detailed information about your trip planning to Nepal, you can contact us directly via email or telephone and we will provide you with the best information for a wonderful holiday in Nepal.