Social Contributions

Individuals, or an enterprise, we all are bounded within societies and we must respect the society where we exist. Nepal Mountain Trekkers not only operates the travel and tourism business but also plays a crucial role in societal aids. Our team is comprised of veteran and dedicated members and our professional staff do possess a good acknowledgment of distinct phases of life. Our learning from our struggle is the ultimate moral which changed our attitude towards existing. Hence, our small team is involved in various activities for the betterment of lifestyle, eco-system, and the whole society with all the possible support from our side. Though our little support seems to be too little for the drastic change, yet we have faith in “Less is more” and we are dedicated to our mission till now. Some of the glimpses of our contribution to society are:


Earthquake, April 2015

Back in 2015, Nepal was in deep sorrow of the massive devastating Earthquake. The day was April 25, Saturday at 12 O’clock, within seconds a huge portion of Nepalese society got dissolved into dust. It was a black day, very painful for Nepal. People were losing their hopes and faiths and their willingness to live was weakened by the grief of being helpless and frightened of nightmares. Even the Nepal Mountain Trekkers team’s staff and their family were facing the same. Our team is consisting of people from different corners of the country and that is why it was a big deal for us to keep calm and build strength.

However, we didn’t give up at any cost. We stayed positive and following our positive vibes we slowly recovered ourselves. Then we raised a fund gathering small amounts of money from all of us in order to inspire and help those who were helpless and needy. Our primary focus was to donate the most essentials elements of living such as drinking water, food, and temporary shelters like tarps and simple tents; whatever was possible from us. We gathered all those who were interested and concerned to help and went into the field ourselves.

Since we are a trekking company and have really good relations and friendships with some of our previous clients and a few are associated with NGOs and INGOs as well, we asked them to be a supportive hand in our mission. And with their priceless presence, our objectives got more strength. We contributed 750 sacks of rice and 500 tarps and mattresses in Jharlang with the fund we raised. After our fund got stronger, we also played a role in preparing pipelines to make drinking water accessible to the village.

Moreover, we practically and logically raised the feeling of empathy among people with the best of our motivations which ultimately acted as a factor for arising positive vibes and good relationships among people. And for those who were broken and hopeless, we emphasized mending those tiny broken pieces of their heart and make them smile again. Our small aid towards society might not have changed society as a whole, but still, we are proud and happy for the part of society that we successfully nourished.


Fund Collection from Annual Profit

At the end of each fiscal year, Nepal Mountain Trekkers organize a group meeting involving all the staff and discuss all the achievements, learnings, discoveries, losses, and all that we confronted in the contemporary year and formulate plans and policies for the enhancement in forthcoming years. We don’t only focus on the improvement of our particular team, but also the society and individuals where and with whom our doings and existence are dependent upon is our prime concern.

We collect 5% of the total revenue annually and raise a small fund with the additional amount contributed by all the members for the sake of society. Whereas, an additional 5% of the profit is distributed among the staffs for motivation and as an appreciation of the good work. The amount we gather is manipulated in various campaigns including the distribution of foods and clothes, awareness programs, and whatsoever that is possible to do and is productive for the society with our fund.


“Bright future for Children”

With the motto signifying our objective, our “Bright future for Children” campaign has been constantly contributing to the Schools of rural communities since 2015. Generating capital from within the team as well as with the supportive hands of our dearest guests and friends along with the collaboration of NGOs and INGOs, our initiation is aspiring for notable progress in the quality of education.

From the beginning of our program, we started up providing all the possible support from each possible source we could reach. With the funds raised from our profit and contribution from our guests along with the help of NGOs and INGOs, we supplied Desk-benches, teaching materials, and study materials in order to improve the standard of educating the children. Whereas we also distributed school uniforms to those helpless and needy children and we do provide scholarships to hardworking and deserving students. And to ensure the proper operation of our campaign as well as for regular monitoring, we also involved the local clubs with us.

And with time, as our fund got a bit stronger, we built a library too. Later on, we also established a “Computer Laboratory”, though there were only a few Computers possible to contribute. We are proud to have introduced Computers to those Children for whom it was a strange device and had never seen or touched before. However, it is not our ultimate goal and we are not going to end up with this much only. Our target is much vast and it requires a big capital to reach. Nevertheless, we are hopeful that soon our “Bright future for Children” campaign will play a crucial role in improving the literacy rate of the country and raising the standard of education in Nepal.


Medical Support

“Health is wealth”, we all know this short-sweet and truthful aphorism. In rural areas of Nepal, there is still a lack of appropriate knowledge on health care; and the supply of regular as well as the most essential medications is also very infrequent. Whereas, the absence of professional health persons and complex medium of transportation becomes the reason for the untimely death of many lives in rural Nepal. Nepal Mountain Trekkers have trained all the staff to make people aware of different types of health-related issues and their symptoms, prevention, and cures. Wherever we reach, we distribute essential medications and give appropriate knowledge to the people. Our small initiative as medical support might not be remarkable enough for bringing change in society but it surely is saving the lives of people.

Our next concern regarding medical issues was Menstruation and the problems arising due to inattention to it. Lack of proper knowledge regarding sanitation and proper care with some misbelieve regarding menstruation, girls in the rural community of Nepal had to face several problems. For eradicating those problems, we have been distributing reusable sanitary pads in several villages including Baseri, Dhading since 2016. In this way, our team is engaged in medical support as well.


Environmental Conservation

The most essential concern of the present scenario is “Environment”. With the advent of technology, people forgot to take care of the environment. This has led to numerous effects on human lives and other living things, our atmosphere, and as a whole Our Mother Earth. Since we are concerned with promoting the natural beauty of Nepal; it is an important issue for our team. Hence, we took an initiative against it. Our first project was “Plastic-free Village” and with the help of local peoples, we were successful in eradication of overuse of plastic bags from the village. As well as, we provided them with proper awareness about the demerits of its use in order to prevent future use. Whereas, some of the recyclable products of plastics is not misused by them after our project.

Moreover, we also participated and invited all the possible people to our afforestation program. With proper alertness of the importance of afforestation and demerits of deforestation, our campaign became an example among the concerned authorities and it was appreciated by most of the people.

Likewise, our trekking team uses eco-friendly products during the treks as well as we do not dispose of any garbage on the trails or mountains. And we also request everyone not to do so and do not harm mother nature. The beauty of nature is what we are blessed with and we must be conserving this natural beauty by hook or crook.

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