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Trekking in Nepal

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Trekking in Nepal – where once in a lifetime is not enough

Are you curious to know why you should choose a trekking adventure in Nepal? The simple answer is, "why not?"

To say this is the holiday and experience of a lifetime sells it short, as many people come back for return visits. That’s because it’s very easy to fall in love with Nepal. This is why the official tourism slogan of this fascinating country is: "once is not enough".

Visit Nepal for adventure and huge personal satisfaction
When trekking in Nepal, you will stretch yourself physically, but also mentally too. That’s because it will provide incredible sensory input, access to immeasurable inner peace, and a chance to commune with nature in its most dramatic form.

What could compare with walking – and stopping to gaze in wonder – at the highest peaks in the world? A visit to Nepal puts you at the foothills of eight of the 10 tallest mountains on the planet. Of course, no visitor to the area ever forgets their first view of the mighty Everest.

Trekking in the footsteps of explorers such as Sir Edmund Hilary, or landing on an airstrip carved by early expeditions, are stories to share with your grandchildren. You could also try your hand at white water rafting, bungee jumping or a canyon swing, on your Nepal holiday!

Photography tours that put you “on top of the world” make sure you have a permanent record of your adventures.

Nepal is naturally amazing
With Nepal’s magnificent snow-capped mountains comes glacial lakes, crashing waterfalls, and meandering ancient rivers. Looking into crystal clear waters that have been carving the landscape for billions of years, is almost as spiritual as watching glorious new mountain sunrises and sunsets.

All around you on your Nepal trekking holiday, will be the lushest alpine greenery, age-old forests, and fascinating vegetation. It’s highly likely that in the middle of all this you will catch sight of the abundant wildlife in Nepal. This could include such creatures as snow leopards, red pandas, musk deer, eagles or possibly an endangered species of falcon.

Access to remote and awe-inspiring places
Always in safety and with insightful guides to support you, a Nepal trekking adventure with our team provides opportunities to breathe lungs full of the freshest air, sleep deeply following hours of exploration and experience the pinnacle of eco-tourism.

Our holidays cut across the four UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nepal, including Chitwan National Park and Sagarmatha National Park. You could also hike some of the seven parts of the Kathmandu Valley that are grouped together in one listed site. For some, the greatest reason to visit Nepal is to visit the fourth World Heritage Site, Lumbini, considered to be the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

Warm welcome and Nepalese cultural splendor
There’s even more on offer when holidaying, trekking, hiking, and mountaineering in Nepal. This country is famed globally for the warm friendship it provides to visitors, and its fascinating culture and traditions.

A holiday with Nepal Mountain Trekkers provides unique access to unspoiled mountain villages, awe-inspiring religious temples and shrines, and a chance to soak up the beautiful languages, foods, and uniforms of its residents.

Most of our trekking holidays in Nepal start and end in the bustling and unforgettable capital, Kathmandu, with its markets and fabulous Himalayan architecture. The city’s rich history means it is multi-ethnic, but the spirit of “unity in diversity” is strong. This also means that this ancient kingdom’s year-round calendar of festivals and religious celebrations welcomes visitor participation.

Start your Nepal trekking holiday here
These are just some of the answers to the question: why go trekking in Nepal?

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact the team at Nepal Mountain Trekkers to discuss the best dates, itineraries, and activities to kickstart your lifetime love of Nepal.

Why to choose NMT?

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With the prime motto of, “Safety, Success and Satisfaction”, NMT ensures our clients would acquire the best of our services.

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While you make an inquiry or book a trip with NMT, we always provide the exact cost quotation mentioning where each of your pence would be spent.

Legally registered trekking company in Nepal

Nepal Mountain Trekkers is a legally registered trekking company in Nepal that is affiliated with the Ministry of Tourism, NTB, TAAN, and NMA.

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NMT uses environment-friendly equipment and bio-products as well as runs a timely campaign to provide awareness for the conservation of the environment.

We are insured. Are you?

To prevent unwanted and unexpected risks that are beyond our control; we have insurance cover for all our staff. And we do recommend all our clients to get insured with the best insurance policy before traveling.

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Nepal Mountain Trekkers is a huge enterprise that owes its own accommodations and transportations for the ease of our clients.

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Nepal Mountain Trekkers facilitate our clients with the flexibility to customize the trip itinerary and dates as well as services to be included. You can choose any of our packages and personalize it according to your requirements.