Is it safe to travel to Nepal in 2022?

Considering the Coronavirus and the variants that caused the travel bans worldwide, and still is causing trouble, how safe it is to travel in this kind of circumstances to travel in Nepal?

People around the globe love traveling to Nepal and exploring this beautiful nation. The mountains, streams, gorges, lakes, hills and herbs, and vegetations are the blissful gift from nature here in Nepal. And what adds more beautification is the peaceful and welcoming people here with the unique and diverse ranges of culture, tradition, attire, cuisine, arts, and many more. Nepal is really worth exploring.

Whether it’s a short and relaxed tour or an adrenaline and stimulating expedition, everything is possible here in Nepal. For all kinds of tourists, Nepal got something to offer. Whether it’s for studies, or to enjoy the holiday with friends and family, or honeymoon, photography, arts, and all sort of fun and exploration is here. That is why many people worldwide have Nepal on their bucket list for travel.

Now, the concern is, “Is it safe to travel to Nepal in 2022?” Well, yes, of course, it is. So far, the cases of covid and the new variant Omnicorn is extremely less and everything is operating normally now. Hence, traveling in Nepal is totally safe and enjoyable. However, there are certain protocols to be followed by the tourists for traveling in Nepal and for On-Arrival Visa for safety purposes. Besides, there’s no restriction at all. Hope you will also visit Nepal this year and have a lot of fun and remarkable memories.