The most revitalizing destination to travel after pandemic, and why it is Nepal?

The most revitalizing destination to travel after pandemic, and why it is Nepal?

Most of us are tired and fed-up to hear only the news of COVID-19 everywhere and want to get rid of this bothersome pandemic as soon as possible. Whereas, there are many of those who had planned to visit their dream destinations with their beloved ones or solo during the holidays. And many travel enthusiasts even short-listed some places out of their bucket list but unfortunately, the noble coronavirus shattered all the plans.

Wistfully, millions of people have already lost their lives, and still, there is no cure for the virus yet. We wish that the departed souls of the victims may rest in peace and their friends and family would be blessed with the strength to bear the great pain. We pray to the almighty that this virus would eradicate from our world very soon and we could get our normal lives back.

Moreover, the majority of people are having an exhausting and monotonous routine these days because of the pandemic and lockdown. Hence, as soon as it gets over, won’t you like to replenish the joy and thrill in your life? There are certainly myriad destinations to visit for rejoicing and plentiful of them could already be there in your bucket list but why you must visit Nepal out of countless tourism destinations in the world?  The answer is, “WHY NOT?”

In Nepal, you will mend yourself physically, psychologically, and spiritually too. That’s because of the implausible sensual involvement, access to vast inner peace, and a chance to commune with nature in its most climatic form. The incomparable wonders of Nepal are the reason that thousands of tourists’ revisit Nepal every year.

A visit to Nepal puts you at the foothills of eight of the 10 tallest mountains on the Earth. No tourist to the area ever disremembers their first view of the mighty Everest or any other peaks in Nepal. Ranging from less high to the world’s highest peaks, Nepal has mountains for noobs and first-timers to climb as well as the most technical and toughest peaks in the world.

Besides, the lush wilderness and diversity in the natural formation of Nepal will certainly make you think twice about the mystical nature of Nepal. Mountains, Hills, and even the Fertile and hot Terai region are summoned up within the small territory of Nepal. Your eyes will get ultimate satisfaction with all the vistas they are longing to see, your lungs will get cleansed with the fresh and reviving breathes, ears will get eargasm with the mesmerizing sound of nature like rivers, birds, and so on. Hence, the visit to Nepal is a complete sensual experience.

Melting the snow-capped mountains of Nepal results in glacial lakes, striking waterfalls, and meandering ancient rivers. Observing the apparent waters that have been engraving the landscape for hundreds and thousands of years, is almost as spiritual as watching glorious new mountain sunrises and sunsets.

The lavish alpine vegetation, longstanding forests, and captivating foliage will be there for your delight throughout your entire trip to Nepal. Also, the wildlife in Nepal and observing some of the nearly-extinct species of animals and birds is one of the major attractions of traveling to Nepal. Which might include creatures like snow leopards, red pandas, musk deer, eagles, or possibly an endangered species of falcon. It is even rumored that Yeti was seen in the mountains of Nepal.

For the admirers of arts and heritage, Nepal is a wonderful destination for the research and study purpose. UNESCO has listed 4 World Heritage Sites in Nepal, including Chitwan National Park and Sagarmatha National Park. You could also hike some of the seven parts of the Kathmandu Valley that are grouped together in one listed site. For some, the greatest reason to visit Nepal is to visit the fourth World Heritage Site, Lumbini, considered to be the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

Beyond the natural and artistic beauty of Nepal, which could not be expressed with words, one of the most fascinating attractions of Nepal is the people of Nepal themselves. The way they greet and respect tourists and express their hospitality is beyond compares. This is the reason, the majority of people rely on tourism, after agriculture. Unlike other countries, tourism is one of the professions in Nepal and the maximum of Nepalese have to depend upon it.

Therefore, though the entire world is suffering and lagging due to COVID-19, Nepalese people who depend on tourism are one of the most affected ones. Due to the pandemic and worldwide lockdown, they have no source of income and are struggling hard to survive during this crisis. Thus, it would be a huge contribution to all the tourist guides, porters, climbing guides, tourism business vendors, and all those who directly or indirectly depend upon tourism if most tourists visit Nepal after the pandemic.

In a nutshell, visiting Nepal after the pandemic is not only beneficial for your mental and physical health but it will also contribute to uplift the lifestyle of the Nepalese people.


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